Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 59...Shoulders/Arms/ARX

After a long break I went back to Shoulders/Arms today and it was a fantastic workout! I increased my weight and reps for most of the exercises and was especially feeling good about putting up 25's on the Deep Swimmers press...10 more than I did the last time. I noticed I was sore after Friday's Chest workout so it will be interesting to see how I feel tomorrow. 

Today's Meals

Breakfast: Cheese Scrambler with turkey bacon. Wheat bagel, Juice and coffee black. (It seems like a lot but the nutrition guide says I have to eat 3,000 calories a day now...and when I don't I feel light-headed during the workout)
Snack: Accelerade
Lunch: Grillin' Beans with applesauce (I'm running out of food again)
Dinner: I'm going to grill something...possibly burgers. 

Tomorrow is Yoga and that makes me happy. Sorry for the absence between posts...I'll try to keep that to a minimum. Later.

Day 58...Plyometrics

Well I'm back. I won't get into a long story as to why it's been a week since my last post but I'll just say that I've been busy with the wedding planning and work. Last weekend was my wedding shower and we had relatives in town from around the country. There were dinners, drinking, mixed with work all weekend, and the shower itself, hangovers...etc etc etc. I'm not a fan of making excuses and this was the first time I missed any workouts. Everything got screwed up during the weekend and I can't make up the schedule during the week because of work so I just took a break and started Phase 3 again on Friday. Unfortunately this may happen again next weekend because of my bachelor party.....I don't know if you've tried doing Plyo with a hangover but I can imagine it would suck. Anyways, I did Chest/Back on Friday and yesterday was Plyo...

It went well after a long layoff. I pushed for full effort to make up for my week off and ended the workout exhausted and sweaty. 

Yesterday's Meals

Breakfast: Cereal with skim milk. Coffee black
Snack: Yogurt and granola bar
Lunch: Lean cuisine 
Snack: Accelerade
Dinner: Chicken and peas

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 57...Chest/Back/ARX

This is more phase to go! This weekend is going to be very hectic with work, Memorial Day, beginning this new phase, and my wedding shower tomorrow. I have a lot on my plate and I want to post for last night's workout before I forget.

After a 5 week hiatus I had to do Chest/Back again, and I will have to say that I was excited for it! That seems weird to say after how much I used to dislike this workout but that was only because it was very hard back then. Yesterday I KILLED this workout! I increased my rep counts on all of the exercises...some by 10 reps! It was amazing to see the differences between my first week rep counts and last night...I'm doing over double the amount! And those damn Diamond Push ups? Killed them too! Surprisingly the most challenging exercise for me last night was the Military Push ups. I did many unaided pull ups and the workout ended on a high note with a great Ab Ripper session. I felt great after this workout!

Yesterday's Meals

Breakfast: Wheat English Muffin with jelly and juice. Coffee black.
Snack: PB&J sandwich
Lunch: Turkey sandwich with an apple
Snack: Protein shake and 2 pieces of string cheese. Accelerade after workout
Dinner: Pizza

If I get the time to post tonight I will, otherwise I will see you in a couple days.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 56...Rest Day and Phase 2 Recap

I took the rest day yesterday because I didn't feel another X Stretch was necessary. So that means I have officially completed Phase 2 of P90X! All of these small victories, minor accomplishments, they are adding up and it all leads to the next 5 weeks of punishment.

Phase 2 Recap.

As much as I struggled during the first couple weeks of the program I almost felt like Phase 2 was more challenging. My body had really come around during the final two weeks of Phase 1 and I was optimistic about how the next phase would go. But as previously stated, Chest/Shoulders/Tri's humbled me quite a bit.

Chest/Shoulders/Tri's- The hardest P90X workout...PERIOD! Three exercises into the workout and I was feeling whipped. From the Plange Push ups, Pike Press, Plyo push up, One Arm push up...this workout killed me every time! Although I was able to increase my reps for most of the exercises each time I did the workout I still felt unsatisfied with my performance...I thought I was better than this! This workout was a reality check...this program does NOT get easier!

Plyometrics- I really got into a groove with Plyo during this Phase. I've gone beyond the days of dizziness and struggling to keep my form and am now jumping and squatting for full reps. MK Lunges are still the most challenging but like everything else I am getting better. "The Beast" pushes you hard but the feeling you get once you've completed it is amazing! As Tony says, "Take in the fact that you just did that!" Of course he was referring to the Half Moons in Yoga but it's a similar feeling for Plyo.

Back/Bi's- The last new workout in the program was quite the challenge...but the reward is awesome! Trust me, I will never refer to my arms as "Guns" or shit like that, but I will venture to say that my biceps have never looked better. All you do is curl after curl after curl with a few pull ups for levity. I liked this workout a lot and the results are unlike anything I've experienced going to the gym.

Yoga X- My great P90X stress reliever! Yoga went pretty well during Phase 2 and I was able to complete a few new moves. By far the biggest accomplishment was completing the damn Right Angle Poses which was right up there with the still unconquered Half Moons. I held Crane for 30 seconds the other day and Wheel for 5 a week ago. When it comes to Yoga I take my small victories and feel good about it because you can't expect to complete this workout with perfect form on Day 1. Every time I start the workout I make sure to set a goal in my mind....Hold Crane longer, attempt Wheel again, complete Half Moon, etc. Unlike Kenpo which is quite easy, Yoga is a challenge every time and I love that! This is my favorite workout!

Legs/Back- I no longer despise this workout, probably because my leg strength has greatly improved. The Single Leg Wall Squats are still hard but the lunges have become much easier over the last two months. It was during Phase 2 that I started doing the pull ups without the chair and I improved those unaided reps by a couple each week. Once again, these are small victories but I will take them when I can get them.

Kenpo X- This is just a fun workout and I sweat a lot! At this point the only way to make it more challenging is to buy ankle and hand weights, which I have yet to do.

Ab Ripper X- I saw improvements during ARX. I can now complete every exercise in full except for Reverse Bicycles, Crunchy Frog, and on occasion Fifer Scissors. That will change in the next few weeks I promise!

Overall Phase 2 was challenging as hell, but VERY rewarding! Back in my heaviest...I weighed in at 178. I weighed myself this morning and it said 166 with 12% body fat! That's almost 5 percent less body fat then when I started! I look forward to posting my Day 60 pictures because there are definite improvements. Once again thanks to you guys for reading these posts! I started this blog to keep myself honest during this program...not letting myself skip days or get off track. I never thought anyone would even read this, so thank you for the support! I look forward to the final phase and I will try to BRING IT every day! Later!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 55...Yoga X

Another day of Yoga X and it was much needed after my crappy day at work. 8 and 1/2 hours felt like 15 today...I was DYING of boredom! If there is one thing that makes Yoga X therapeutic it's the fact that I can come home feeling like total shit and a hour and a half later I am relaxed. Yoga X is definitely my favorite workout which is a surprise considering I had never done Yoga before and had no idea that it would be so rewarding. 

As always, unless I wake up early I probably won't do X Stretch tomorrow. If that's the case then that means I am two phases to go! 

Today's Meals

Breakfast: Wheat English Muffin with peanut butter. With juice and coffee black
Snack: PB&J Sandwich
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Lasagna
Snack: 2 pieces of string cheese
Dinner: 2 Tuna Sandwiches with pickles

Friday starts Phase 2 and that means the triumphant return of Chest/Back! Diamond push up...I'm going to destroy you!! Later!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 54...Core Synergistics

Today was quite the challenge because of all the yard work I had to do. Ripping out the remaining vines around our pool, mowing the lawn, and carrying 12 lawn bags full of heavy yard refuse for pickup tomorrow was really draining. So after all of that I had to do Core Syn. again.

I don't know about you but I have a real tough time with this workout. The Prison Cell Push ups, Plank/Chaturanga Run, and Lunge/Kickback/Curl/Press combo are some of the harder exercises and I struggle through them every time. I was chugging water throughout and even had to hit the pause button a few times to catch my breath. I think it had something to do with the warmer weather and lack of ventilation in my workout room. Whatever the reason may be the workout is still a good one but I'm glad that I only have to do it 6 times in the entire program......I'm glad I didn't pick the lean program! 

Today's Meals

Breakfast: Cheese Scrambler with turkey bacon and juice. Coffee black
Snack: No snack. Ran out of food but I did go shopping later
Lunch: 2 PB&J sandwiches
Snack: Accelerade
Dinner: Grilled Sirloin burger with lettuce and tomato. Corn on the cob and a pickle. Bottle of Miller Light. I love summer!

Tomorrow is Yoga X again and then it's time for the final Phase!! This is going to be an exciting June! Later!

Day 53...X Stretch

One of the few times I've done X Stretch during this P90X and it was worth it. It is nice to perform the stretches without having to do any hard exercises after. Very relaxed and very needed if you're feeling sore or you just need a rest day. I highly recommend X Stretch during the first week of a new phase because that's when your body is generally feeling the most soreness. 

Monday's Meals

Breakfast: Cereal with skim milk
Snack: Granola bar with yogurt
Lunch: Leftover spaghetti
Snack: Didn't have one...I was running out of food
Dinner: Italian sub